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New York Past Life / Past Lives Exploration
- What Is It And How Can It Help Me?

Ever Wonder How A Past Life Regressive Exploration And A Past Lives Therapy Session Help You To Change The Way You Think .. Feel .. And Experience Life In This Lifetime?

Come With Me On This Trip .. Our New York City Past Life and New York City Hypnosis Regression Center Has The Answers You Are Seeking.

Have You Lived Before ??

What is a NYC Past Life Regression Experience And What Is A
NYC Past Life Session Like? ... Or How Does NYC Past Lives and
NYC Hypnosis Regression & Exploration Center
Define The Popular Regressive Experience?

Past Life Regression - PLR simply
involves the re-experiencing of a previous lifetime whether it's in a relaxed or energetic state of trance. And you realize, we regress in our mind every moment of our waking lives. Think about what you had for dinner yesterday. Yes .. you've just regressed. There are parts of your mind you haven't utilized or been able to tap into by yourself.

How Is Past Life and Past Lives Therapy or Past Life Regression Used.

With Our NYC Past-life Regressionists in our NYC Hypnosis Center, many clients come in seeking to heal and free themselves from emotional and spiritual traumas.


Our NYC Past Life Self-Exploration and Life Regression Sessions PLT sessions are with our trained Past Life Energy Regressionist Specialist Michevelli, who will help you to incorporate a powerful modality utilizing healing energies ... funnel your energy and help you to create that experiential contact with whatever it is your higher intelligence considers the seat of your power ....Some practitioners call this are of the mind the Superconsciousness ... an inner being ...spiritual mentors or counselors. Once contact is made for a safe journey, your mind is linked to communicate with past-life events, memories and the phsysical manifestions of your soul in previous periods of time.

How Will A NYC Past Lives Recall, Exploration and Re-Integration Session Effect Me?
For Some, Our NYC Past LIfe Sessions and Regression Experience might be a very vivid and realistic experience using your inner senses. We have 5 inner senses of sight, smell, taste, smell, hearing ... just as we have an external set ......Sometimes the memory will feel as if you are just making it up. But the truth is ... We imagine every moment of our life BEFORE it happens. For example: Simply retrieving a glass of water .. You think about it first ... Then your cells, systems and organs work congruously to move you in the direction of your thought.

Will I  RELIVE a past life experience on my first try?
Many do ... but others, as they develop that intuitive side of themselves ... and begin to create the mental blueprints for regressing and understanding these message .... require several sessions before they 'Let Go of Their conscious limitations' as to what is possible by the mind.

How Long Is The Session.. And What Is A NYC Past Life / Lives Exploration
and Regression Session Like?

Many sessions last 2 or more hours (But only just one inclusive fee .. no hidden charges at our NYC Past Life center .. and that IS A VERY IMPORTANT $$ you have to clarify if you were to call other Regressionists). We schedule plenty of extra time for your session, in case we run over the 2 hours. The session fee is $250. We don't like hidden hourly charges and we don't think you want to pay for someone's exclusive NYC rent.

There is an open dialogue .. we explore where you want to go .. what benefits you want to get out of the session ... because many times .. we can get you from where you are now to where you want to be ... even if you aren't ready to allow yourself a past life experience as your Past Life Facilitator or an experienced coach trained in the art of hypnosis, meditation, nlp and mental re-imprinting strategies.

What Kind of Memories Might I experience during a NYC past-life regression
& Exploration Session.

A NYC Past Life Exploration or Life Regression Session, facilitated by a New York City Trained Past Lives Regressionist Specialist, will help you to realize .. the truth ... and that is ...Your mind doesn't know the difference between a real or imagined experience.... And experiences .. whether recalled .. imagined ... or 'tuned-into psychically' meld into a transformational experience for the participant ... and sometimes many of our clients report back weeks, months later, how only now they are beginning to realize how that session changed their lives.

An accurate movie-style representation of a past life is not what's necessary for transformational personal growth. Remember, as a fully functioning human being with a history based in this lifetime, our current and past experiences, where we grew up, our belief systems, emotions, parental upbringing, all 'flavor' the actual outcome of a Past Lives Experience. Allowing the beneficial 'purging' ability of these memories to help us move forward in our life ... from where we are to where we want to be ... is the reason most clients seek out this powerful modality of 'creative' changework.

What about the 'In-Between' states ...Between lifetimes ... or even interplanetary travel ... or altered states, lucid dreaming ...

You've got a session wrapped up in a nutshell. Session are unpredictable ... Our NYC clients, some coming in for the first time, some fully experienced in the modality of traveling through time, some, with a range of expressive emotions under their belt, some are complete 'newbies' .. trying for the first time to harness these spiritual energies ... As in learning to drive a car .. one experiences periods of awkwardness ... until they gain such complete mastery, they jump in a car .. and their mind zooms off a million miles away .. while the car almost automatically heads on the pre-determined course.

Call Now ... Talk with our experienced New York Past Life Regressionist Michevelli, how YOU CAN take advantage OF THIS LEARNING EXPERIENCE of exploring your own superconsciousness.

The New York Past Life Partnership and NYC Hypnosis Center Of New York City

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